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Reduced Kindergarten fees

Sist endret: 03.01.2019Kontaktperson: Tone Bøhn

The maximum cost of a nursery school /Kindergarten place is NOK 2.990 per month for a full time place. Money for food etc. is not included. (the prices is per 1.st of January 2019)

Municipal discount scheme

You can apply to the Municipal of Seljord for discounted nursery school /Kindergarten fees if the total taxable personal and capital income of the household/family is below NOK 548.167 per annum.

A household is classified as spouses, registered partners and cohabitees. If the child lives permanently with both parents (shared custody), fees shall be calculated based on the income of the parent who has the same address as the child, i.e., the address in the Norwegian Population Register.

Free core time

The municipality gives exemption for 20 hours per week (free core time) to three, four and five-year-olds in families with an income up to NOK 533.500 (from 1st of August 2018). This also applies to children who will be starting school later than normal. From 1st of August 2019 this will also include two-years-old.

Application and documentation

Please apply for reduced parent’s payment and core time free of charge on the municipality’s application form. Decisions of reduced payment is given from the month after reception of the application, and is valid throughout the kindergarten year (till mid August).

A new application must be submitted for every kindergarten year.

Requested documentation is the tax return paper (Skattemelding) from last year and possibly pay slips for the three previous months. It is important that the requested documentation is attached to the application form. Applications lacking sufficient documentation will be returned without being processed.

Reduction in price for siblings

You don’t need to apply for reduction for siblings since it will be calculated automatically. Parents with more than one child in a kindergarten get a reduction, however the siblings must live in the same household. The reduction is based on whether the child is there full-time or part-time, and is calculated the following way:

  • The first child is regular price 
  • The second child gets 30 % sibling’s reduction 
  • The third child, or more, gets 50 % sibling’s reduction  

Calculating the discount

Seljord kommune, the owner of the nursery school/Kindergarten, will send invoices (faktura) for discounted fees/prices to its customers. Seljord kommune determines the fees for nursery schools/Kindergartens in accordance with applicable regulations. Invoices will be automatically adjusted in accordance with the granted discount.  

You will find the application forms on our website/ Skjema (Application forms). We have both electronic forms and in paper version.

For more information, contact Seljord kommune ved Tone Bøhn, tlf 350 65122 tone.bohn@seljord.kommune.no

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